How, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Might Become The Winner In 2017?

SHARE, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) recorded its 6th back to back profit in 2016 and the year gone by has truly been a record breaking one for the company on many grounds. From Amazon Echo to its voice assistant Alexa, successful Amazon Video Prime service to becoming a compelling force in entertainment, Amazon is definitely riding the wave of success.

Based on the pattern that Amazon is following, here is how Amazon might win 2017 as well.

Amazon’s will expand its drone delivery

Amazon is known for spending a bomb of its revenue on making orders delivery faster and better. From seeking more shipping duties from FedEx and UPS to ultimately relying on its own drone-based delivery, the company has gone a step ahead in changing the game of e-commerce altogether. In this year, it is most likely that Amazon will make its drone delivery expandable to more orders.

Amazon Go will take on Wal-Mart and more

Not only is Amazon is changing the rules of game for e-commerce, it is also turning the tables around in the offline market. The company has already given sleepless nights to Wal-Mart and likes by announcing Amazon Go in the recent past. The company will allow the customers to pick the products, scan their mobile smartphones on radar and just leave. The billing will be done automatically for the things a customer picked.

Making smart lamps through GE-partnership for Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s indigenous voice-controlled helper, which can answer questions, place orders, plays music on your command and so much more. The company is putting a big bet on Alexa and its recent partnership with General Electric Company for putting Alexa on smart lamps, seems like 2017 will make Alexa more acceptable. The company CEO, Jeff Bezos also highlighted recently that as many as 1,000 employees were put to the Alexa service. Amazon is hiring even more for it.

Making it large at India

Amazon has already decided to spend a whopping $3 billion in India. With this investment, the company’s total investment in India would touch $5 billion. Tapping more Indian customers would mean making it large with revenue.

Amazon has all the bright eggs in the basket for this year. Let us see how the company would take off this year.

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  • Jack Smith

    Basically the Echo/Alexa you use commands where you can just talk to the Google Home naturally. The Echo will handle some fuzziness but fundamentally they are variations to commands instead of fundamentally understanding what you are saying.

    You need to then consider these devices are the interface into enormous amounts of information and the device having a brain like the Google Home or not like the Echo will cause things like this to happen.

    That is just not going to happen or far less likely if the device understands what you are saying.

    Google built a 70 billion knowledge graph when building search. This data allows Google to understand the world and know the difference between Winnie the Pooh and what the kid ultimate got back.

    BTW, the parents reaction was far more scarring than the little boy hearing a bunch of sexaul words I suspect made ZERO sense to the kid.