First Man In The United Kingdom To Giving Birth Finds Sperm Donor On Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)


Somewhat a unique, but effective usage for Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), a man who lives in the United Kingdom, is officially pregnant, after finding a sperm donor, over the social media platform. To his belief, everything is going well, and he believes that he will be a great dad.

The man in question is a British citizen, Hayden Cross, 20 years-of-age. When he originally joined the sperm donation group, he was given the bad news that during the hormonal gender transitioning, he would not be able to freeze his eggs.

How pregnancy became a miracle for Cross

However, now Cross is allegedly four months pregnant, and the first man to ever be pregnant throughout the United Kingdoms. This was first reported by The Sun on Sunday. This is somewhat of a miracle, due to the statistical chances of success, however, Cross got lucky and the first sperm donor try was a success.

According to cross, he is going to wait until the end of the pregnancy period, and then continue his gender transformation, through removing both breasts and ovaries.

When questioned by reporters, Cross, stated the following to the newspaper, “Having a biological child has always meant a lot to me. I’ve always wanted kids.”

The process of getting pregnant for Cross

The first thought of becoming pregnant, started over three years ago, when he applied to have his eggs frozen on the NHS, in hopes to have children in the future. This was around the same time, that Cross was declared legally a man.

However, despite his attempts, the 4,000 Euro fee was declined, which then turned Cross to looking on Facebook for a suitable donor, which to many, came as a surprise, was a success. This is quite significant, as the only other transgender event, which has taken place recently occurred in September, when the first transgender couple, officially had their first child together.

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